Wednesday, July 11, 2007

My 21st Birthday Party in KL- 12-07-07

Hi everyone,

I celebrated my birthday in BoatHouse Restaurant located in Taman Tun.. Friends from Taylors which i havent met since we all completed SAM also attended my birthday. So even though there were only one HELP friend that came, i was still happy.. because i get to have more time talking to my old friends. Even though is been 3 years since we left to complete our degree in different colleges and even though we didnt have time to chat or meet up, i was happy to be able to be friends with each and everyone of them. Although it has been ages but they and i still cherish our friendship. It doesnt mean that we dont talk or meet up, our friendship is over. No matter how long we didnt meet, our friendship will always last. As we can see in this celebration that my friends i meet in Taylors cherish the friendship we have. They took the trouble to come and attend the party.. Some stay very far from where i celebrated and yet they still make the point to come. No excuses from them at all. I love you guys always. No matter what, no matter how long we didnt meet, no matter how long we didnt chat, ur friendship will always continue. Friends Forever.. The party was nice and fun.. The food was nice and the place is cozy.. so everything went on smoothly.. I want to thank all of u who attended my 21st birthday party. i also want to thank my parents. Without them, i dont think i would have celebrated my birthday, not once but twice.. LOL

Here's the pictures..... Enjoy

Anna from Kechara House- doing work while waiting for my friends.. Super hardworking.. LOL

From the left- Adeline, Adeline's bf, Imran, Eyaz(Sorry, he kena blocked, so cannot see his face but shirt..LOL), Siew Jean, Siew Jean's friend
From the right- Me, Adrian, Anna, Christopher Lim, Callie

Adeline and her bf- What a cute couple..

Callie and Christopher Lim

Me, Callie and Christopher Lim

Me and Adrian (he is from HELP and also my classmate)

Another group pictures. This time can see Eyaz in the picture but Adeline is missing..LOL

My 2 friends from K1 SAM in Taylors
Adeline, Me and Callie

Adrian, Anna, Christopher, Callie, Me and Adeline


HAHAHA>>> Me and my lovely birthday cake

Group pictures with my birthday cake

Another group picture

Me and Adeline with birthday cake

Looking at the camera and getting ready to make a wish.. LOL

TIME TO MAKE A WISH!!! Wow.. i have so many wishes.. Haih.. Should have more time to think.. HAHAHA.. Kidding kidding.. Look at my friends, they are jealous.. LOL.. no no.. the were curious on what did i wish for.. LOL

Time to blow the candles.. LOL. Too slow.. i blow before they can take a picture of it..

Cutting the cake time.. And forcing my friends to eat.. LOL

All the guys that came to my party
Front- Me and Adrian
Back- Adeline's bf, Christopher. Eyaz, Zahir(he only join us after our dinner) and Imran

All my friends from Taylors
Me, Callie, Adeline, Eyaz, Christopher, Zahir, Imran, Siew Jean

All the girls that attended my birthday party
Callie, Me, Siew Jean, Siew Jean Friend, Anna and Adeline

Anna, Me and Adeline's bf (Eric) dont be angry if i got ur name wrongly.. but i guess am right.. LOL

Me, Adrian and Christopher

THE K1's- My classmates from Taylors.. Always there for me doing the 1 whole year there.. Going through all the stress and pressure together..

My next door classmate.. She is from K2.. I have more friends in K2, but they are all in Aussie.. Glad that she came..

Siew Jean Friend, Me and Siew Jean.. I have make another new friend that day..

Me and Anna.. I met her from Kechara House

Another picture of us

Hehe... Me sitting on Imran's leg.. LOL.. Am i heavy.. just kidding.. i know am very light.. LOL

Me and Callie- my close friend in Taylor's

Zahir and Me.. Haha.. Tell u something, this is the guy that is a gentleman.. I stole his sit in class.. LOL.. i join SAM 2 weeks later, and each of them of their own seating arrangement... i went in to the class, didnt know where to sit, he let me sit in his place.. LOL..

Another gentleman- The first one that came to make friend with me.. He was the first want to introduce himself to me. Sad thing is he only joined us for abt half a year before he went to UK to further his studies.

Eyaz and Me- He sit with me in front during Mathematics class.. And i always disturb him coz i dont know how to do.. LOL.. Thank you for teaching me..

My close friend in HELP.. Also known as my driver.. LOL.. Kidding kidding.. He is a very nice friend to mix with..

Callie and Imran

Siew Jean and Me

The 3 guys from K1

Siew Jean, her friend and Me

Another close up birthday cake

Me and my new friend... Thank you for patiently taking pictures for us..

Take care of my friends.... Thank you for making this a successful occasion for me.. i will always remember this event... All the best to all of u.. No matter what, our friendship will always continue..

Tata.. Sleeping time

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