Sunday, July 15, 2007


Hoho.. So finally 15/7 had already arrived...AND am finally 21 years old.. Erm.. Dont know whether should be happy or sad!!! Haha.. Am so old de.. On the high note, both parties in Penang and KL was great.. I also got to catch up with friends who took SAM in Taylors together with me.. It has been abt 3 years since we actually meet and talk.. So it was good. Food was also great.. Hahaha.. Pictures for Penang Party, will be up soon.. KL one will also be up...

Oh ya.. I also celebrated with my parents and brothers.. We went to Japaness buffet lunch in Starhill.. The food was NICE!~!~! and we ate ALOT!~!~!.. Pictures will also be uploaded soon i hope.. =)...

that's it for now.. am tired..

Thanx to all my friends who attended my birthday parties.. And also thanx for all those who send me sms/msn or call me to wish me HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Thanx so much my dear friends, cousins and family members..

Love you all

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