Wednesday, July 18, 2007

My 21st Birthday Party In KL- Summary

I celebrated my 21st birthday in Boathouse Restaurant located in Taman Tun, KL, on the 12/07/2007. For those who are wondering, yes, i celebrated my birthday twice. The first one in Penang and another one in KL. This is because i wanted to celebrate this memorable day with all my friends from Penang and KL. Therefore, I decided to organize one in Penang and one in KL. After the party in Penang, I was looking forward to celebrate another one with my friends in KL. Although many of my friends could not make it for the party there, I was not disappointed. This is because i know that they are busy and it was also a uni semester break where either some of my friends are working, some went for hols or back to their hometown. So anyways, 11 of my friends attended my birthday party. Most of them was from Taylors.

Since some of you guys did not know me well, i took SAM (South Australia Matriculation) in Taylor's in the year 2004 before leaving to HELP University College to continue my degree. So anyways, i was glad to be able to meet all of my friends who i have not meet since we completed our SAM. Therefore, it was a great way to meet up with them and catch up old times and on the same time celebrate my birthday. There were 1 from Kechara House, 1 from HELP and the others was from Taylors. 7 from Taylors and another 2 was Adeline's bf and my Taylor's friend friend. It was a great and fun day for me. We were all able to get along well and catch up our old time. And also getting to know better what each of them is doing or pursuing now.

The dinner starts at 9pm because we decided to wait for all to arrive before we start. So those who came early, we talk and chat.. The food was delicious. The place was nice and cozy. The place is also packed with people.. On a Thursday, and is pack..It shows that the food is nice there. LOL.. After our dinner, we rest for a while before cutting the birthday cake. We took alot of pictures too.. We left the place at about 12.30 am and Adrian and me drop one of my friend back home. I reached home about 1 am.

Oh ya, i came down to KL on the day i celebrated my birthday.. LOL..The next day, my parents and brothers came down to KL..

To those who attended my birthday, i thank you guys for taking your precious time away to join me in this occasion. You guys are the one that make this occasion a memorable day for me. Thank you all my dear friends. Thank you also to those who wished me Happy Birthday.. I love you guys and cant thank you guys enough. Take care my friends and will meet up again soon. All the best in your future undertakings.
Although it was tiring to organize a event, i was lucky that everything went on smoothly on that day. I was exhausted yet happy..

Group Pictures

My birthday Cake

Me and my birthday cake. LOL

Me making a wish

Me blowing the candles

Me cutting the cake

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