Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Hi my dear friends,

Thank you to all of you for being so loyal and spending your precious time reading this blog of mine.. I started blogging few years back but i wasnt using blogspot but xanga. Those who have actually visit my xanga, i really thank you for your support. Is because of you guys, i am still updating my blog once it a while. To those who knows me well, you guys will know that sometimes i do not post that frequently. This is because either am not in the mood or am very busy with my studies. Here is my xanga address: www.xanga.com/christinegooi. Am not deleting my xanga blog because i have been using it since i started blogging. Am using xanga and this new blogspot. The entries will be the same from my xanga but it might also be different. So just stay tune..

I decided to create blogspot because xanga have some weaknesses.. I cant link my friends that uses blogspot. Xanga only allows you to link those who uses xanga. The other reason is because my friends has advice me to try out blogspot. I have friends that uses xanga but switched to blogspot after that. Haha.. But i will stay loyal with xanga and also with blogspot.

To those who are interested, u can always check out my old posts from my xanga address above..

Thank you for all your support!!! Is because of you guys, am still able to continue blogging. I almost gave up blogging but i couldnt, because of you guys who kept on pestering me to update my blog.. LOL...



Elisa said...

yayy :)

xxx mei

Christine said...

Hi cousin

Why so happy? LOL