Monday, August 06, 2007

Back from a short holiday

I just came back from a short holiday with my family members.. On Thursday, all of us went to Genting. We stayed there for 2 nights. I love the weather there.. How i wish KL and Penang have the same weather like Genting. If that really happens, we can all save electricity, and save money.. LOL.. KL and Penang weather is so hot that you need to turn on the air con every day.. Hahaha.. Not only in KL and Penang but every other states in Malaysia is definitely suffering from the hot weather. So in Genting, it was really relaxing with the nice weather. We stay in Awana but we went up to Genting. Dad took me in to the casino this time too.. Just to look around..Since I already turn 21. I remembered 2 years ago, all of us also went up to Genting and that time since Awana was fully booked, we stayed in First World Hotel.. At night, my parents and my elder brother went to the Casino.. Since me and my younger brother was still underage, we obviously could not get in. Therefore, when my parents and elder brother went to the casino for fun, since First World Hotel is so small that none of us wanted to spend time in the hotel room. Guess what me and my younger brother did? Haha.. We actually went to watch a show in the Genting Cinema.. Haha.. It was so empty and also run down, compared to the cinemas in KL and Penang. Anyway, we still went in to watch the show. The price is of course the same, but if am not mistaken, the premier class was the same price like other cinemas but their premier class is the same venue and the seats is at the back. The seats are a big bigger and there are only few seats behind for customers who wants to buy premier class seats. Am not sure whether they changed it already since it was 2 years back. Anyways, so back to the recent trip. My brothers and my dad used the facilities provided in the Awana Hotel. On the first day, my younger brother and dad went to play golf in the driving range, while my mum was sitting down watching them play. I was not feeling very well, so i took a nap before joining them. I hit a few balls and it was horrible.. LOL.. The next morning, dad, my 2 brothers went to play tennis in the morning.. I was still in bed as i already said, i was not feeling well.. LOL.. After tennis, they all headed to play table tennis. I was already awake by then, so me and my mum went down to find them. Haha.. Then i played table tennis with my mum.. Dont ask how i did play also.. Haha.. I was just playing for fun.. Then after that, i went to swim a few laps in the heated pool.. Yes, i know i was still not feeling well, but i wanted to just try how it feels in the heated pool. After that, we all went back to the hotel room to shower and rest. Then we went to the Korean Food in Awana to have lunch.. Abt 5 pm, we all then went up to Genting. We then watch FLY after dinner. we had our dinner in Good Friend Restaurant. After the show, we then headed back to Awana, as the skyway closes at 11pm. On the first day went we arrived, we went to Gotong Jaya for dinner. LOL..

On Saturday morning, we then left to KL.. We checked out early because i had a dentist appointment at 11.30am. In KL, i didnt do much besides meeting up a few friends and went to the PC fair.. It was so crowded till i almost collapse, since i still feel sick. The LRT is also so packed with people. Yesterday, there was a charity variety show which were organized by Kechara House Buddhist Association. It was a success.. Today, after my dad finishes work, we then headed back to Penang and we arrived home at 9pm.

I seriously dont know why? But since coming back to Penang for holidays, i miss my home in Penang and i want to stay longer here.. In a month time, i will have to go back to KL to study.. In this one month, i so dont want to keep on going to KL and back to Penang, but i want to stay in Penang and enjoyed myself doing nothing here till uni reopens. Haha.. Yes, people have been calling me lazy pig because i have been enjoying myself and not doing anything productive, but you cant blame me right? Is a holiday and i need my rest too.. LOL.. Haha.. Am wondering how am going to get back to my normal life when uni starts.. No more sleeping late blogging, watched tv when i feel like it, BUT instead I will be sleeping late doing assignments and studying. No more sleeping till afternoon, because i have to wake up for classes. Haha.. Dont need to worry about food in Penang, but when i go back, i need to worry about food again. LOL..

Am not complaining, because i know i will be ok when uni reopens.. Haha.. is just that am being very lazy now.. When there is no choice, the mind will react differently. Anyways, it was always my choice to go to KL and study.. So there is no regret.. LOL..

I think i better stop now..since i already talk so much nonsense here.. LOL..

Am off to bed.. Night everyone!!! Sweety dream.. =)

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