Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Good morning everyone.. Is now 2.51 am when I start blogging again.. Hehe.. Sorry, it has been a week since I last post a new entry. I seriously did not know that time passes so fast that the last time I post my entry was on the 8 of August 2007. Is not that I forgot about my new blog, but I was kinda busy enjoying my last few weeks of holidays before semester start soon. I am still wondering whether am looking forward for class to start so that i can meet all my friends or i still want to enjoy myself.. LOL.. I know I know.. Am really getting very lazy to go back to start studying again.. Arghh.. Too much months of break makes my brain so rusty.. DAMN!!! Let's see what i have been doing the last one week.. ERMMMM!!! OH CRAP!!! OH NOOOOO!!! Look?? I told you my brain is RUSTY!!! I cant even remember what I did last whole week??? Ermm.. Let me think!!! Let me think!!! Please give me a moment to use my rusty brain.. Muahaha.. Let's see how much I remembered... My mum was still in KL while all of us came back to Penang with my dad. Mum was there until friday night.. So I did not do much but was doing some housework since mum was not at home.. Besides that, we went out to eat lunch and dinner. That week, my younger brother also was having holidays.. Haha.. Our daily routine for the last whole week was so simple that you guys will think what am I busy about.?? Hehe.. Because am not busy with important stuff but busy in doing what i want to do..

Anyways, the last week i slept late and wake up late.. I wake up at about 2pm or 3p.m, then get ready to have lunch.. Erm.. You guys will be thinking? LUNCH AT THIS HOUR?? Isn't it supposed to be tea time? LOL.. NO NO!!! For us it is lunch time.. So after lunch, we came back and I watched my Japanese Drama that I planned to finish watching before I go back for classes. Besides that, help wash the clothes, fold the clothes since mum was not at home.. Then I either take a short nap again after my Japanese drama. After waking up from a short nap, I watch the Cantonese movie either on TV 2 at 7pm. Then we go out for dinner and then when I come back, I turn on the Astro and watched another Cantonese show till about 11pm.. Then I either come online to do my stuff or help my younger brother in his studies.. If I didn't watch the Cantonese series on Astro Channel if i go out, then I'll watch the repeat from 12.30am to 3am.. HAHA!!! Dont worry, the series I watched finished this Thursday so i will stop watching the new series orelse I will get addicted again and don't want to go back to KL.. Muahaha.. So from this week onwards till class starts, I'll just watch all my japanese drama..

Dont be shocked!!! I know am lazing around and wasting time doing nothing productive.. but you can't blame me right, my mum was not around and I don't need to go run errands with her.. Haha.. But then before she cames back, I have to be a good girl and clean the house lah.. ORELSE when she comes back, sure die one.. LOL

On Saturday, my friend from UK came back for holiday and surprisingly came to Penang.. He last minute call me and let me know, so I went out with them when he reached.. Help him find a hotel and also take him out to eat...

Around 10pm, I went out with Huili, and we went to E-Gate to hang out with her friends. Look!!! I still mix around, socialize and make new friends. We were there chatting and playing cards. LOL.. We left about 12.15am.. The new friends I make: Jean, Susenn (she is staying in Russia now too), Hippo, Eng Cheng, and Karman.. They will friendly and funny. It was easy to get along.. Too bad, no pictures to show you guys.. Anyways, today is Susenn birthday, Happy Birthday to you!!! May all your wishes comes true..

Besides that, am going down to KL this Friday and coming back on Saturday.. Yeap.. only a day... You guys are not reading wrongly.. Am going down to do some important stuff and I don't want to stay longer because I want to enjoy my room in Penang as much as possible..

Oh ya.. I have also been watching Badminton World Championship from Monday onwards..So you guys can tell why am busy till forgot to blog lah.. HAHAHAHA~ evil laugh~

That's it for now.. This blog is long, sorry for all the crap and rubbish am typing here.. Muahahaha.. It's my Bed Time noooowwww!!!

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