Monday, August 20, 2007

My Memorable 21st birthday

On the 07/07/07, i celebrated my 21st birthday in Little Cottage 2, Waterfall Hotel, Penang. My actual birthday is on the 15/07/07, but i decided to celebrate earlier so that my close friends can celebrate with me. Is on a Saturday night, so my friends who are studying outstation can also make it. I have close friends who takes the trouble to come back to Penang from Singapore, KL and Kedah just to attend my birthday. I feel very honour and touch to have met such a friend like them. It was a great and enjoyable night for me as all my best friends, close friends and friends were able to join me in this special occasion. On a high note, everyone get along well even though some of them have not met before. The party started at 8.30 p.m and we were there till 11 p.m. The restaurant was suppose to close at 10.30 p.m, but we were enjoying ourself, chatting and laughing that we took so long to finish our food. After food, we had about 5 minutes to settle down before I cut my birthday cake. By 11 p.m, we had to leave the restaurant, but we still wanted to continue the party, so we headed to Segafredo, Gurney Plaza. It was a Saturday night, so it was pack with people. When we arrived, we couldnt find a place to sit, so we decided to head to Dome till we find a place in Segafredo. So all of us except Wei Leong and Melissa head to Dome for a drink and for some peace. Audrey, Fayth and Edward went to Segafredo to reserve a place for us. When we finished our drink in Dome, we then headed to Segafredo to meet the three of them.. Haha.. and they already planned to surprise me.. Haha.. They ordered AK47, to those who drinks, you guys will know what is that.. when the drink came, i was shocked. They also make me "bottoms down" that drink.. Haha.. So i just join the fun and just bottoms down.. Haha.. You guys cannot kill me yet.. I can drink.. LOL.. Then we hang out there till 1.30a.m before all of us decided it was time to go back to our own sweet home. Nicole stayed over my house for a day, so after we came back home, i started talking to her till 4 am before i sleep. It was a great, fun and enjoyable day.. This could not happen if you guys didnt take the trouble to come!!! I love all of you!!! You are all such a great friends to have!!! Am really glad to be able to meet all of you. Thank you for all the presents too.. I love all of it..

In Segafredo

My three best friend

My other close friends


For more pictures, is already on my xanga.. Here's the address: Go and visit my other blog for more pictures, because am not planning to upload all the pictures i took in blogger. Since i already uploaded it in xanga, why waste time uploading the same pictures here.. I only selected a few pictures to decorate my blog only!!! LOL


Yi said...

oooo.. how i wish i was there.. sorry for the extreemely belated birthday wish.. you look great!

Christine said...

Hi Yi,

Thank you for the wishes.. Yeap.. I hope u were here too.. Nevermind, when u come back to M'sia we can always meet up again.. Good luck to you ya!!! Haha.. And i was shocked that u actually read my blog.. LOL..Take care my friend..

Anonymous said...


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