Monday, August 20, 2007

What a disappointing outing for Malaysian Badminton Players!!!

Finally, the Badminton World Championship is over.. So how did the Malaysian players fare in the competition?? Let's be fair with the players.. There were some that played very well but in the end did not win the match.. But they show good fighting spirit and hunger to win the match.. Therefore, we cant really blamed the players if they lose right? But on the other hand some of the players also played poorly, especially the players who we all have high expectation of them to win. Lee Chong Wei were playing so poorly that we can tell that he was not showing the fighting spirit and hunger to win the match. After the game, another shocking comment from Lee Chong Wei and he blamed the chief coach for his lost. I cannot comment on how Koo Kien Kiat and Tan Boon Heong were playing where the lost to the Japanese pair because I didn't watch the game as I was in KL.. According to the newspaper article, Tan Boon Heong were nervous and makes too many errors, thus also affected his partner. On the other hand, there were players that really show that they wanted to win the game. Wong Mew Choo was playing well that she even upset the second seed Xie Xifang from China. Unfortunately she could not keep up with the pace of another Chinese player and eventually lose the game in 3 sets.. But we cannot be disappointed in her because she was playing well and trying to win the game. Another double pair, Choong Tan Fook- Lee Wan Wah also show great fighting spirit and hunger to win their match while playing with another Chinese pair who is the first seeded Fu Haifeng- Cai Yun.. They were losing but ended up not giving up and with the Malaysian Supporters there, they eventually won that match. Unfortunately, in the semi-finals, they lose to the Indonesian pair in 2 sets. Although they lose, it was a nail bitting match and they gave a good fight. Unfortunately, they just could not covert the points to win the match.. Eventually in the Finals, the Indonesian Pair won the gold medal. Although this Malaysian Pair lose, we should be proud of them as they were not expected to do that well.. At least, we had one bronze medal to show in this World Championship.. If not, it will be a worst outing for the Malaysian Badminton Players. Let's hope that the Malaysian players will learn from their mistakes and show more hunger and fighting spirit to win soon.. Especially the Olympics will be held next year in Beijing. If they want to win the gold medal, there is a lot of work to be done, and they have to show more commitments in training and also able to handle pressure. They also should not underestimate their opponents. If not, they can forget about even winning a medal in that competition.

Credit to the STAR newspaper for the picture

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