Sunday, January 06, 2008

First New Post in Year 2008

Hi Everyone

Welcome to 2008!!! Happy New Year to all of you!!!

January 6, 2008

Today is my first new post this year.. Since is a new year, new post, today I also change a new blog skin and also I finally add the Nuffnang advertisements, which I had blog about them sometime back... If you guys still haven't read that post yet and are curious, do go and read the post.

Back to my personal life... hehehe...
Exams over on the 21st of December 2007, and since then am having my holidays.. Yes, before you guys ask me about my exams, am telling you guys not to waste time asking, because I won't tell you all how well or how badly I did.. You guys just have to wait for my results to be out and then pray that I will post about it in my blog.. Anyways, if you want to know about how I fare for my assignments, then I will let u guys know since is my first post this year.. Am quite happy with the assignments i did last term, which I really didn't expect to get such high marks for assignments.. I got 1 second upper and 1 second lower.. And this two lecturers have a very high expectation so am quite happy.. so let's hope that my exams results wont be so bad in order to maintain my overall results.. Anyways, during the exams period I got sick and I only recovered 3 days back after seeing the doctor.. Today is the last day of my medication but last few days even when I was sick, I was so busy attending parties and weddings.. LOL.. Luckily I went to see the doc on new year eve orelse I wont be able to go out...

Since I didn't post about my ups and downs in the year 2007, before new year, those who actually follow my posts since my xanga days will know about my ups and downs.. but for those of you readers who are new, i'll summarized it for you guys!!!

The year 2007 have been a good and also a bad year for me..

The good times I had throughout 2007 are:

I celebrated my 21st birthday parties both in Pg and KL with my beloved friends, and I had a great time.

I had fun in Taiwan with my parents and my younger brother

I had my parents and brothers support

I had best friends who are always there for me through my ups and downs, Shari-Ann, Wye Ling, Phei Shan..

I had friends from other schools who I known for many years are also there for me... Thanks

I make new friends who are always there for me too.. Thanks Suet Li, Golda, Sherlin, Sue, Jesley and others... I still remember u guys even if I didn't mention here.. U guys knows who u are.. Thanks alot and i really appreciate having you guys as my friends

I had friends who always help me in my uni work... Thanks to all my classmates especially Adrian, Jason, Wong, Shane, Hudda, Nicole, Khang, Joanne, Denise, Yen Ling and others.. As usual, u guys who help me knows who u are.. I really appreciate it too.. I hope u guys who are graduating will get good results last term and graduate this April 2008.. If I can get a ticket, I will attend the graduation ceremony.. I had friends who are also graduating next term with me.. Thanks guys for being there for me too.. Kogi, Pandora, Lubna, Cheryl, Kelly, Elaine, Tanya, Jamie, Jennifer, Susan, Kylie, Panjang, Yit wen and others. Sorry, I seriously cant name all or this post will be too long..

When I joined the Jordan Competition, my family, cousins and most of my friends was there to help me sell and also most of them purchase from me to help me.. Some gave me moral support and encouragement!!! Thanks guys.. without u guys, I wont be able to win second place..

I had a great time during my university prom

I have fun and also learning experience when joining in the Jordan Competition while also able to raise funds for one of the HELP student who is suffering from leukemia.

And many others..

The bad memories I had

Got very sick and was admitted to the hospital around March

Had to go through all the hassle to defer my term

Going through 7 weeks of lessons and then had to forgo my subjects.

Had to retake the subjects I dropped

Still couldn't recover and sometimes had a relapse.

Having to go through all the pain such as the autopotomy treatment and also forcing to drink the Chinese medicine.

Seeing and listening friends who have bad experiences...

Suffered from depression and insomnia

Had difficulties coping with my assignments and exams..

Feeling very weak

Cant graduate this year with all my batch friends

Having problems with some friends... Not going to name any of them here

I guess this is all the downs I had experience in 2007 lah.. or maybe got some others... which I cant blog here..

That's it for now.. I will update more and also post more pictures soon...


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