Monday, January 07, 2008

My Year 3 Prom Night- Renaissance Hotel

On the 19th of October 2007

Sorry guys for not updating it few months back... but u guys have to forgive me.. It takes so long to upload the pictures plus I was so busy that month onwards till exams.. That's why I didn't had a chance to talk about my year 3 prom night. Last year prom night was held in Renaissance Hotel, KL. It was organized by the DESCO committees headed by my friend Adeline.. It was fun and I had a great time there.. The food was good!!! You know sometimes this type of event or even during Chinese New Year, the food doesn't come out to the expectation but in this case, all the meals was good... Even though there was alot of difficulties while organizing this event, but am glad, they all really work very hard and managed to pull this event to a success.. Those who attended was actually having fun and I was glad most of my friends came too... I did even try and also persuade people to purchase the ticket, to make life abit easier for the committees.. Finally, during the event, the committees was nervous but in the end, it was a success.. So congrats to all the DESCO committees... You guys did a good job..

Am not going to type too much about it, but the pictures will let you know more lah.. Hehehe..

THEREFORE, Enjoy looking at some of the pictures I had uploaded here!!!

p/s- Sorry some of the pictures are blur...

When we reach the hotel: Rose, Denise, Me, Yen Ling and Siew Mei

Yik Fan, Me and Rose

Denise and Me

Me and Rose

Rose and Me

Me and Yik Fan

Rose, Yik fan, Me and LC

Me and My friends from Year 2

Our group table
Sitting- Khang, Huda's husband, Siew Mei Bf
Standing- Denise, Yen Ling, Me, Rose, Nicole, Huda and Siew Mei

Same as above

Me, Nicole and Rose

Me and Mohammed Bin Saad

Me and Mohammed Bin Saad

Me, Mohammed Bin Saad and Rose

Another shot-Me, Mohammed Bin Saad and Rose

Me, Hassan and Rose

Rose, LC and Me

My year 3 lecturer and Me

LC and Me

Me and my year 2 friend, Chian Huey

Me and my Year 1 data analysis lecturer

Me, Dr. Goh Seng and Nicole

Me and Adeline(The President of DESCO)

Me, Adeline and Yap

Me and Adeline

Me and Ru Chi- BAAF student

Sheena and Me: I know Sheena the first day of Orientation in Year 1. A BAAF student

Trishna, Nicole, Me and Huda

Another Shot of us

Nicole and Me

Another shot of Nicole and Me
Huda and Me

Huda and Me


Anonymous said...

blur picture also u put? ehehe
errm.. some pix i dont have.. huhu

Christine said...

Hey huda,

didn't know u read my blog.. Haha.. Yalah.. Put all mah.. hehe.. the blur once some i only have one pic of them only.. Hahaha.. In another word, am just lazy to choose only.. muahaha

You can take the pics u don't have from here mah... :)