Friday, February 01, 2008

Young Entrepreneur- YE Jordan Competition

Dear Friends,

Here is the pictures that we took during the prize ceremony for the Jordan Toothbrush, that we had all joined few months back.. Even though I didn't win the first prize am glad that I still participated in it.. I gained a lot of experiences and also able to meet new friends.. Therefore, am really grateful for having this opportunity to participate in the competition.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have help me and encourage me. Even though I was having lots of work to do in Uni, I was still able to cope due to the help, encouragement and support given to me. I would like to thank my dad and mum who had help me by selling to their friends and also for their support. I would also want to thank all my friends who had support me by buying the toothbrush from me and also helping me to sell it to their friends. I would also like to thank my competition partner which is my friend, who decided to join the competition with me. I would also like to thank my younger brother in helping me too. Last my not least, I would want to THANK ALL THOSE WHO HAD BOUGHT FROM ME NO MATTER WHETHER YOUR MY FRIENDS, RELATIVES OR OUTSIDERS. WITHOUT ALL YOUR HELP, I WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO HAVE SO MUCH FUN.. AND ALTHOUGH I DIDN'T WIN THE FIRST PRIZE, I STILL WIN THE SECOND PRIZE RIGHT?? but the prize is not as important as the friendship and experience I had gained. THANK YOU!!!

The competition is organized by Jordan to compete with the other colleges and universities. Sherlin, Golda, Sue and Jesley were chosen to represent HELP University College.. In order to give the others opportunity and also to help them to increase sales, they organize a competition among students from HELP.. The pictures below are the competition organized by them..


The first prize- RM 500.

Siew Suet Li (my partner) and Me

Suet Li and Me

The surrounding of HELP KPD A level 2

All of us waiting for the ceremony to begin!!!

Golda double checking everything is in order

Lecturers were present too!!! Waiting for the event to start soon!!!

Sherlin the president of YE giving a speech with Golda beside her

Stephen Wu giving a speech

All of us were listening to the speech

The prizes!!!

End of the speech.. Prize giving time!!!

The first prizes goes to Lionel and his other 3 team members!!!

The second prize goes to Me and Suet Li..

Another shot of us....

One last shot of us with the prize!!!

The 3rd prize goes to Keith and his team members.

Another shot!!!

Golda's turn to announce all the sponsors and lecturers who had help them!!!

Sue and Jesley!!!

All the Sponsors receiving a token of appreciation!!!

The lecturers are waiting for their turn!!! HAHA

The lecturers turn to receive their token of appreciation!!!

Sherlin giving the token of appreciation gift to Mr. Ravi

Mr. Ravi and Sherlin

Mr. Chew (my marketing management lecturer) and Sherlin

Another shot of Mr. Chew and Sherlin

Another lecturer from business studies

Stephen Wu with Sherlin

Another lecturer and Sherlin...

Group Pictures with all the winners, sponsors and lecturers and the 4 members who compete with the other colleges and universities.. YES... HELP won first prize!!! YAHHOOOO!!!

The winner for the best smile competition organized by the main team who make HELP proud!!!


Denver said...

Holding a contest is a sure way to help increase sales. It is also fun.

Do you know about the Young Entrepreneur Society from the If you are in business it may be helpful to visit them.

Christine said...

Denver- Thank you Denver.. I will check it out.. Happy CNY to you!!!