Sunday, May 18, 2008

Thomas Cup 2008- China Vs Korea

So the final of the Thomas Cup 2008 had just ended.. And China had won Korea by 3-1. So China won it again.. Korea couldn't beat China for their first title. However, China players are still mentally and had a more fighting spirit compare to the other countries. I guess they still deserve the title. Congrats to China for winning another Thomas Cup. Good job done for the Korean players too. Hopefully in 2010, Malaysia will be able to go till to the finals and win the title.. :)Let's all wait and see.. I also personally think that although Malaysia didn't get in to the finals this year and lost 3-2 to China, I guess Malaysia gave a good fight against China, even though they lose, at least they fought till the last tie. :)

The results are as follow:
Dan Lin won Sung Hwan Park: 10-21 21-18 21

Then Korea won the first double
Yun Cai/Haifeng Fu lost to Jae Sung Jung/Yong Dae Lee: 23-25 16-21

After that the next 2 ties, China won

Chunlai Bao won Hyun Ii Lee: 28-26 21-11

Zhongbo Xie/Zhendong Guo won Jae Jin Lee/Ji Man Hwang: 21-12 19-21 21-12

That's it for now.. I got to go to study.. Haih..

And I want to eat Durian!!! Hahaha.. Hopefully tomorrow they have.. I couldn't eat my wan tan mee already this trip.. Sob sob


Falcon said...

i loved that rally with bao chunlai..sadly he lost it at the second set..

Christine said...

falcon- Thanks for dropping by here. And i do agree with u the rally with bao chunlai.. very exciting. :). Quite a interesting matches just now.

exowneon said...

Well I got in here from google while looking for thomas cup pictures, but since it's hard to find malaysian badminton fans around, I'll drop some comments

I'm a Chinese player and I think China doesnt have a good spirit this year compared to Korea and Malaysia, they should have been lost against Malaysia if Tang is back in shape.

But I have to agree with you, Malaysia will win the next one. Boleh! Hopefully Chong Wei will win a gold this year in the olympics.

Best wishes.

Christine said...

Exowneon- Hi, thanks for dropping by and writing such a long comment. I only watch important tournaments only. Haha.. Ur a Chinese Player but you are supporting Chong Wei to win the Olympics? Actually am also hopping any of the Malaysian players can win the gold but I am not pinning any hope coz u never know how the Malaysian pairs will play till the tournament beings.. haha..Sometimes they have a chance to win but ended up losing.. LOL