Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Le Meridien Outing

Today, Wye Ling took her results and fail her exams and I took her out to Le Meridien to eat Buffet.. And Yahoo.. I got my assignment result yesterday and I got the highest in class.. Yay!!! I got 83% for my consumer behavior. Remember the assignment about Ice-Cream.. Yes, the Lecka-Lecka company.. Am so happy.. And I have exams next week, and am not studying.. Die lah.. I have a chance to score for this subject and am still not having the motivation to study for that exam. I won't be talking about my exams and my assignments now, we will talk about our outing in Le Meridien. So today, we met at Le Meridien at 7p.m. We ate till 10.30pm. We ate so much till my stomach hurts so much.. Haha.. Yes, I have a 50% off for 2 people so is below RM 50 per person. I got a free 1 Kg cake too.. Because my uncle gave me the cake voucher..
I ate sashimi, alot of teppanyaki, pasta, salad, chocolate fodue and many more.. 'jumping with joy'

Since is 4a.m in the morning now, and I have to go uni tomorrow at 12p.m, i will upload the pictures tomorrow. Wye Ling is here in my house staying over today also. Haha..

Tomorrow have to study already.. I still have 7 days left and 11 chapters to go.. Arghhh... Am panicking now.. Help me!!! Save me!!!

Nite nite everyone, and those who is watching the European League, Man Utd Vs Chelsea match, enjoy watching it..

Stay tuned for the pictures.. Take care


jean mei said...

how fuN!
congrats on the good score!
xxx mei

Christine said...

Jean Mei- Thanks cousin.. :) See u when ur back in KL soon..

serene said...

wah.see pandai punya orang summore ask me help u do ass! ish! if i din help u maybe u get 99% d lo.

Christine said...

Serene- If you didn't help me ar, i will get lower one lah.. Haha.. Thank you for your help.. :)

serene said...

nolah u r smart wan.sure can cope wan :)

Christine said...

Serene- Please lah.. Is so not true!!!