Friday, May 23, 2008

Le Meridien Outing-Pictures

Sorry, was suppose to upload the pictures yesterday but I decided to study instead.. So I didn't upload it. So here is the pictures I promise you guys. Sorry, the pictures are not very clear as I took it using my hp camera..

The surrounding of the Latest Recipe Restaurant


The Salad Bar and The Chocolate Fodue!!!

The Chocolate Fondue!!! Me favourite!!!

The Chef cooking my pasta!!!


My yummy teppanyaki- beef, prawn and butterfish!!! My favourite!!!

Another shot!!!

Wye Ling eating!!!

My Sashimi and California roll!!!

Another shot of the Sashimi and California roll

Wye Ling pasta.. tomato based!!!

This is what we do while waiting for your food to digest before eating more!!!

Then here comes more food!!!

My 2nd helping on my teppanyaki. This time is only prawn and beef!!!

My pasta!!!

My Stawberry Chocolate fondue!!! My favourite!!!

Free 1 Kg of Cheese Cake!!! Hahaha. Coz I have a free voucher!!!

The cake box!!!

That's all for the pictures!!! We ate more food, but the first round, we were just too hungry and ate without taking pictures... Haha..

I only pay less than RM 50 per person for the Buffet.. Because I have the privilege card... Thanks to my uncle.. However, is going to expire soon.. End of this month.. Sob Sob... But my uncle says that if I want to go and eat after this card is expired, I can used his.. Yay!!!

That's it for now.. I better get back to studying for my exams... I still have so much to study...

Good Luck to my cousin, Jean Ai who is having her exams now.. And Good Luck to all those who is also sitting for exams.. All the best to all my HELP friends who will be starting their exams next week.. All the best to myself too of coz... Hahaha... I need to do well!!!


Simon Seow said...

So nice got privilege card.

Christine said...

Simon Seow- Sorry for the late reply.. Yeap, it is nice to have a privilege card but it expires today de.. Sob Sob..

serene said...

u ah.make ppl drool nia! ish!!!!!

Christine said...

Serene- Haha.. You come down more often to KL will sure take u there.. But u pay for urs lah.. hahaha

serene said...

no money to go kl d la..sighhhh. bring me to pg wan la..hehe but not too expensive wan :)

Christine said...

Serene- Penang not nice want.. And too bad the card cannot be used in Penang Hotel.. Haha

serene said...

i hate you~ hehehehe.
makin ppl drool when you darn well know that we're 400 km away! ish!