Thursday, July 23, 2009

My 23rd birthday

On the 15th of July 2009, I was another year older.. hahaha... This was the first time that I am not in Penang to celebrate with my parents... Usually every year during my birthday, it is also university semester break and I will be back in Penang for holidays.. However, this year, I had started working since I had graduated and I couldn't go back to Penang and celebrate. Sad in a way cos I really miss my parents, relatives and all my best friends in Penang.. On the high note, I had a great time too in KL and my younger brother is also studying in KL now.. =)

This year I celebrated my birthday by going to lunch with my closed friends from HELP... Then went to work. I left a bit early from work at about 8:25pm.. Thanks to my manager and boss.. hehehe... My brother came and fetch me from work and we headed to BOATHOUSE in Taman Tun to celebrate my birthday with my friends... It was a nice restaurant and also with great company I had.. It was fun, enjoyable and we also did silly things in the restaurant... HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! But as long as we have fun it doesn't matter.

My mother friend, Aunty Adelyn and Yen Ni, compliment me with a special cake which is known as "BOM ALASKA" HAHAHAHA... IT WAS SOOOOOOOOOOO DELICIOUSSSSS!!! THANKS ALOT TO BOTH OF THEM.. Really Appreciate it.. We were there till almost 1 am and it was time we left the restaurant and headed back and also send some of the friends back... =).. Haha.. Hahaha... Not only did we had fun till we left at 1am but we also stayed back to wish another friend of mine HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOO!!! My birthday and hers are only a day apart... LOL..

I would also like to thanked my friends for accompany me during my day which without them i wouldn't have so much fun on my birthday.. Thanks for all the birthday wishes, birthday presents and also planning the outing for me during lunch... =).. Thanks mum and dad for their birthday wishes too...

Some of the photos are still with my other friend, which i will upload it once i get it... coz is with the BOM ALASKA and the cutting of it... HAHA.. A different birthday cake this year... But i prefer BOM ALASKA than birthday cake anyways... YUMMMMM YUMMMM... =)

Enjoy the other photos taken that night!!!

A group photos that attended my birthday at night!!!

Me and my friends, which is my younger brother's friends.. Of coz, I got to know them through my younger brother lah.. =).. Really nice to know them and become their friends...

Me and Anna- My birthday and hers are only a day apart... =)

Another group photos with my friends...

Then it was time we did silly things.... LOL =P


Finally, I managed to get hold of the photos... Here are the rest of the photos.. But sorry, is super dark.. Hahaha

Yummy yummy Food... =)

Me!!!! hehehe

Gavin and Lynsey!!!

The Best Part of the Night!!! BOM ALASKA!!! MY FAVOURITE!!! Thanks Aunty Adelyn and Yen Ni!!!

Me cutting the bom alaska!!!

With my brother and Yen Ni (Boathouse Owner)!!!

With my brother and Aunty Adelyn (Boathouse Owner)!!!

Chi Yin and Karen!!!

With my lil brother...

Rojer and Mary!!!

Another photo of me and my brother!!!


Xjion89 said...

hey, thanks for dropping by^^
happy birthday to u^^~~~~

Christine said...

Xijon89- thanks... and congrats again to you... =)