Monday, September 03, 2007


So today, I had to go and see the chinese doctor for 2nd checkup.. Although is improving but I still had to do another 6 today.. So altogether is already 22 spots of injection and moving of the nerves.. Good thing is that although it hurts, but you can see the improvement.. Hahaha

Click here for more information of what is acupotomy??

For those who do not want to read so much, here is a short article about it?

Acupotomy is a new type of non-invasive surgery using a small needle-scalpel invented by Professor Zhu Hanzhang around 30 years ago. The name comes from first five letters in "acupoint" and the last four in "anatomy". This new technique is used to treat chronic injuries, as well soft tissue disorders and the abnormal bony growths that cause acute pain. Combining techniques from acupuncture and surgery, acupotomy demands an extraordinarily perceptive three-dimensional understanding of human anatomy from its practitioners.

As a new system of medical science, acupotomology bridges the basic theories of traditional Chinese and modern Western medicine. A modern theory of channels and collaterals is a major part of acupotomology philosophy. Traditional Chinese medicine practitioners believe the human body contains a series of channels and collaterals, also called the "the third conductive passage" because it exists independent of the nervous and circulatory systems.

With acupomotology, modern science has finally found the three conductive systems exist.

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And bad news is I have to go again for the next check up again in next 10 days time... And am going to have another few more injections... And also I had to drink another 20 times of Chinese Medicine again.. Haihhh...

Tomorrow got classes already... So am going off to bed.. And since my back still hurts.. LOL

Take care... Am back in KL.. hahaha

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