Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Back to Uni Life

So today was the 1st day of term.. I mean yesterday uni started de, but it was for us to go and collect our timetable and so on.. But today, we were suppose to start class, but this whole week, critical issues is canceled because my lecturer is away. So anyway, since I did not know about it, I went to uni since I also need to collect my timetable and my result.. I left home at 7am and I arrived at about 7.40am.. After that talk to Rose, since she was already in class.. Then about 8.40am, we realized we do not have class, so Rose left and I hang around with Koge in Rotiman till 10am.. After that, I left to the main block to collect my result and also to buy parking coupons.. I was so annoyed because it ran out of stock.. Is the 2nd day and they already ran out of parking coupons.. So I had to ask from another student who was finding parking space.. Haha.. He sell me one and he can park my place.. LOL..

Tomorrow and Thursday I don't have classes.. Yay.. So Happy.. but Friday I to go to Uni for classes.

I went to the Curve with mum after my class today.. Then about 3pm we came home because I was so tired.. I slept from 3.15pm till 6.30pm.. Haha.. I couldn't sleep yesterday.. I turn off my lights at around 12.15am, and I only managed to sleep at 4am.. And at 6.15am, I had to wake up and get ready for class.. Then we went out for dinner with my aunty, Jean Ai and Clifford.. We went to Fatty Crab to eat..

Haha.. My back is still hurting.. And I have to go and see him again next Thursday.. I hate this.. Is so Painful.. Haih

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