Saturday, September 08, 2007

The First Week of Uni Life

I went to uni on Tuesday since classes started already.. Little did I know that this week, we wont have critical issues in human resource classes as my lecturer will be away for the whole of this week. So ended up, I was having extra 2 days break on Wednesday and Thursday.. So since I was free, I went out with my cousin, Jean Ai to 1 Utama, since she is back for holidays.. We went shopping and we also went to Chilli's to talk for 2 hours while waiting for my mum to finish her duty in DMT. On Thursday, since my mum is also on duty, I decided to join her for lunch.. Jean Ai came along with me too..

On Friday, I went to my marketing management class at 8am.. Since it was the first lesson for that subject, my lecturer let us off early. Instead of 4 hours class, we only had 2 hours of class. And my lecturer said that those who came today, can skip class this coming Monday. He said that, he will still brief the other students that did not attend Friday class and also to let us think carefully whether we want to take this subject.. This is because he expect the best from the students.. There are reasons for it lah.. He talk about his life and his achievements in life.. If he did not show us evidences, we would not believe him.. But when he showed us all of the evidences, we had to believe in him. He is a top student last time and his sons are all high achievers.. He showed us his and his sons results.. He was from a very poor family and was an adopted son.. He worked in big companies and was paid quite high, but because of some reasons, which he told us, he went into teaching in HELP.. But soon, he will go back to work in other companies.. So because of that, he had high expectation of the students he taught.. So, he told us to think carefully.. And also because there are high failure rate too... He said that most fail is because the students do not listen to him... and don't do his work.. Anyways, I know some of them has already make quite a fuss and might not one to take this subject..

What about me? Am I brave enough to be with him for the next 14 weeks? Will I be able to cope??? Am not that sure myself too? What if I could not cope? What if I don't do well and it will thus affect my hon. degree?? Erm... But on the other hand, there are benefits for me to attend his class also.. He is a lecturer that will be able to show us the real work life and used real life examples to teach us. Since he is not a pure academics lecturer. He is also working as a marketer. His thinking is different from us.. I cant think of that word at the moment..Haha.. So if I go to his class, I will also learn new things from him.. The bad part is, he wont give us tips.. He said that lecturer who give tips actually harm the students.. LOL.. So that's why, I know some of them is already making fuss and not want to take this subjects..

So should I or should I not? I will be taking this subject no matter the lecturer is nice, good or vice versa. This is because, I feel that, is not the lecturer but ourself.. If the lecturer is good and we still don't study, the lecturer cant help us to pass also.. If the lecturer is not good, and if the student actually study, the student will still be able to pass. So is all depends on the students.. Besides that, I guess maybe is good to have him as the lecturer.. Although if he does not give tips or even if his expectation is high, it might actually do us good. He will be able to teach better and if we do and follow what he say, and be prepared for his class, then it will be ok.. If all his sons are all high achievers, i bet he is a good lecturer if we follow what he say instead of going against him.. I bet lecturers wont harm u unless you harm yourself my not studying and attending classes. Some lecturers could not care less about the students, and why there are still students passing the subjects, although there are also high failure rates? This is because the students that passed as put in effort.. So therefore, no matter how the lecturer is, i guess is all up to the students. That's what i think..

The only thing is that the marketing management subject contains of 50% exams and 50% assignment.. And is a group assignment.. And the bad thing is that we can't choose our own group.. The lecturer will randomly choose the groups.. Those who know me well, u know how I hate it so much.. I thought I had enough of problems in group work, and now I still have to face it.. But since am able to pull through all this while, I guess I will be alright this term too.. LOL.. Pray hard for me, my friends.. LOL

So anyways, I will be attending critical issues in human resources and marketing management this term.. Am only taking 2 subjects because their are the only few subjects offered. I don't want to take project this term, since I have another term to go.. Besides project, there are only finance paper offered.. So i decided to take 2 subjects this term, and another 3 next term. Since last term, I already finished 1 core paper.. Am so disappointed with my marks.. but then I know I did my best, since I was sick and did not attend classes after the 7 weeks.. the other 7 weeks, I was at home.. So practically I was doing it all by myself with the help of some of my friends.. So I really can't complaint, and am happy that I actually passed that paper..

Nevertheless, since my lecturer told us that we do not need to come for Monday class, I decided to come back to Penang.. LOL.. I know i know.. I just went back to KL 4 days ago, but I still want to come back home.. I guess i miss pg now.. Haha.. And I will be going back on Monday.. And after that on Friday after class, me and my mum will drive back to pg.. Haha.. I decided to come back this 2 weeks before I start getting busy with uni work.. LOL


Elisa said...

heyaaaa :) glad to hear that youre in uni already!!!! hope youre having fun and make new friends:)xx mei

Christine said...

Heya!!! Hehehe.. Who's glad to be in uni??lol.. Yeapiez.. Am having lotsa fun to be back in uni IF we dont need to take exams... LOL.. kidding kidding.. :)