Saturday, September 15, 2007

The 2nd Week of Uni Life

Time seriously passing very fast. It's been 2 weeks since classes started. So how's classes so far? This week of classes was not that bad, but I was quite busy this week. Classes started at 8 am, thus I had to leave house by 6.50am, or I will be caught in a bad jammed. After classes, I stayed back in Uni to do enrollment and payment of the subjects, asking for advices on the subjects which i should take, and then also went out with my friend for lunch. Since classes starts so early, I am having abit of trouble paying attention.. I have not been having early classes like more than 3 terms already. Is all always been form 10am onwards. Anyways, I will be able to adapt it soon.

As I said before, life in year 3 is not easy, no matter which subjects you take. Therefore, I sometimes still don't understand why people is making a fuss out of it? I bet in all university in Malaysia or even university overseas students are all also finding it hard.. The only way is for us to put in more effort to study and do revision. Besides making fuss with the subjects, some were also complaining about lecturers? Comparing with Malaysia colleges or University with overseas university lecturers, the students in Malaysia should not have been making so much fuss and complaining about lecturer as they are already lucky enough. The lecturers here, have been conducting the lectures and helping students in whatever way they can, giving us notes and always patiently help students. In overseas, I bet those who are studying in overseas will tell me that the lecturers do not care or bother about the students, they just come in to the classes, finish the lectures and go off already, and it all depends on the students to revise. The students will only ask questions in tutorial. So those who don't put effort will have troubles. The lecturers will help those who help themselves. Am not so sure about the university lecturers in overseas, as I have not been studying in overseas before, but this is what I know from a few of my friends.. So if am wrong, please comment..

Back to uni, classes so far is ok. Lectures all started already, and is already getting tough.. Hahaha.. Really need to study already and pay attention, if not wait till exams time, sure guarantee die.. LOL.. I had talk about the marketing lecturer in my last post, as expected, he had high expectation on the students, and how he teach and think, but I will be able to adapt to it.. There is no choice anyways, so just try doing what he wants instead.. His class can be fun but stressful, but is ok... Critical classes, is not bad too. Anyways, since I had problems with my health, I will be careful with my health now.. Studies are important, but my health is more important.. I'll try my best to do well in my studies, but I will take care of my health.. So to those who are worried about me, I will be fine.. If my health is not good, I rather not do well in my exams than sacrificing my health.. So you guys, don't worry about me.. I will take care of my health..

On Thursday, I also went to see the Chinese doctor for my 3rd treatment.. It is so painful... Issshh.. Will post about it in my next post..

Hehe, am back in Penang again.. Came back with my mum after class on Friday, and going back on Monday with my mum.. We are driving back my car.. Yay!!! But after 2 weeks of driving waja, is not that bad after all.. Nice to drive also, but I still dislikes driving Waja to Sri Hartamas for dentist appointment..LOL

I am going for dinner now, so am stopping here.. Take care all!!!

Pictures taken in Secret Recipe after classes located above our main campus.. We wanted to go eat Mcd but it was super pack!!! Even Secret Recipe were also packed!!!

Me in Secret Recipe for lunch

Rose in Secret Recipe..

The picture looks nice BUT the food is bad!!!

Mine caramel cake!!! Am addicted to cakes!!! LOL

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