Saturday, September 22, 2007

My Back Is Still Freaking Painful!!!

Yesterday, I went to see the Chinese Doctor for my 4th treatment..It has been a mental suffering for me since my 1st treatment.. I cant imagined how did I managed to go through all this suffering?? The pain is so intense and unbearable, especially yesterday. Till now, while posting up my post, am still suffering with the pain. I did not post all how it went on my 3rd treatment, so will talk about it here. I had another 7 marks of needles on my back. Damn!! Acupotomy is really painful.. I always hate going to see the chinese doctor.. If I said, is fun going to see doctors, I would be totally insane.. I had already finished 30 packets of the chinese medication, which I had to drink 60 times. I can tell you that I drank so much of the medicine still my taste bud taste like medication.. LOL.. I don't even have appetite eating nowadays, as when I drink or eat, I feel like vomiting..

So anyways, yesterday is was the MOST painful treatment compared to the 2nd and 3rd treatment. I first one, was horrible and painful, yesterday was so FREAKING PAINFUL.. Although is only 3 marks, the part that he did was so Painful. I cried in this treatment. You can't blame me for that.. I bet if you were me, you might also cry.. Even when he pressed on the part of the pain, I was already in pain.. Imagine with the anesthetic, and moving the nerve, it was even worst. The mental suffering was bad enough, and plus the pain, it was much worst. AND THE WORST THING IS THAT THE DOCTOR TOLD ME NOT TO MOVE WHEN HE IS DOING THAT PART!!! That makes me even more scared!!! Is so bad till I was crying before he even started.. After he finished, he did the other parts of the marks. After the acupotomy, he then do the cupping therapy. It wasn't that painful BUT WHEN HE DID THAT PART WHERE I DID THE ACUPOTOMY, IT HURTS LIKE MAD!!! seriously speaking, the pain is still killing me, but is more bearable compare to yesterday..I was crying abit when I came back and when my mum were talking to my aunty about it.. It shows how pain it was!!! Thank god, is a Saturday today!!! I can't even pour my medication, my cousin have to come over to help me!!! Thank you cousin!!!

that's it for now about my treatment... LOL.. I hope this will be the last treatment, unless in 2 weeks time, the pain is still there, then I have to go back to see him again.. Hopefully, I will be better in 2 weeks time... Pray hard for me ya!!! LOL

Pictures of my back!!! LOL

Boiling the Chinese Medicine

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