Saturday, September 01, 2007


Damn!!! Damn!!! Damn!!! I don't want to go back to KL to study.. Sob sob.. Am getting so damn lazy.. I still want holidays.. LOL.. Why time passes so damn fast?? I cant believed that 6 months had pass since I was admitted to hospital in March.. Although it had already been 6 months, the pain has not subsided yet.. So recently I went to a Chinese Doctor which was introduced by my dad's friend..

This Chinese Doctor is good.. And he is also curing my back too.. Some of you might not know this?? When I was in Standard 6, I felt from a chair when playing musical chair during my birthday.. My god, I had to suffer the pain for 9 years already.. So this Chinese Doctor from Beijing, but he worked in KL for 4 years, said that he will be able to cure my back too.. He used a different method.. Is not acupuncture, but another name of it.. "acupotomy" Is definitely not acupuncture, is a new method.. LOL.. He will press on the part which hurts and then he will mark the place.. After that, he will inject anesthetic on each mark.. I had 16 marks altogether from my back and hip, therefore he will inject 16 times of anesthetic. The needle is so big.. Arghhh.. Damn.. After that, he will use another big needle to move the nerves... IS SO DAMN PAINFUL!!! Although it HURTS, if it works, I would be very happy.. It will be like a miracle for me.. Can you imagined how long I had to suffer the pain?? Than for the pain and my breathing, it was connected from my back and also because of STRESSED!!! LOL... So people who is easily STRESSED like me, please be careful.. LOL...So I went to see him once on the 23/8/2007.. Damn!!! This coming monday, I had to see him again, and this time he had to do my neck for me too.. Am so not looking forward at all.. I wonder how much pain it going to be especially in the neck.. Sob sob.. Besides that, he gave me 10 packets of Chinese Medicine to eat for my lump... Yuck.. I hate it so much.. How can some people enjoy drinking it.. haha.. and 10 packets means I had to drink it 20 times.. But the medicine is working lah.. So I should be happy lah.. LOL..

Tuesday, Classes starting already.. I will only be taking 2 subjects next term.. But I still hate my timetable.. Hahaha.. I have classes every single day.. Damn it.. why can't they put it together so I don't need to go uni everyday.. waste petrol only.. LOL.. but compare to other terms, am happy with the timetable this time.. I cant wait to go back to meet all my friends, but am so damn lazy to do assignments and study for exams..

Isshh, I have to drive Waja to uni this 2 weeks or more.. Sob Sob.. This is because my car got into accident today.. DAMN!! I still like my own car.. But is ok.. I guess I should be OK with driving that car.. Is still a car anyways.. LOL.. is a matter of getting use to it.. I just hate driving big car to uni especially when you can't find parking.. LOL.. Thank god, most of my class is in the morning.. LOL.. But I have to wake up early.. ISSSHHH!!!

On the high note, I bought a few nice clothes and skirts this 2 days.. Mum took me to eat what i want to eat in Penang and also took me shopping before I go back to KL.. Haha.. Can you guys imagine?? Before I go back to KL, am already planning when I want to come back to Penang.. Am coming back to Penang 2 weeks time.. On the 15th of September after class.. YAY!!!!

Those who have blogs, and want to earn money.. Join NUFFNANG!!! It only takes less than 20 minutes to sign up.. And their advertisements are nice and colourful.. LOL.. Nuffnang is a word in Jafaikan which means "Real Good/Cool ... There is definitely no harm.. But is still all up to you guys of course.. LOL..

That's it for now.. Am very tired.. Have been shopping the whole day today.. LOL.. HAHA.. Oh ya!!! I went to CUT MY HAIR AGAIN!!! But is the same style like I had 2 months ago.. =).. 2 months and my hair grows so fast.. So decided to cut it short again before uni starts.. Muahahaha.. LOL

Good night everyone..

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appletik said...

May i know where is the acupotomy chinese doctor located?
As i have a friend who suffer the same...