Sunday, September 30, 2007

What a terrible week....

Uni life on the 3rd week of was hectic.. I was in alot of pain after the medical treatment last week, so I didn't blog about how my studies were last week. Every week, we have random group tutorial for marketing management, therefore every week we had to stay back in uni for group discussion.. Therefore, even though my classes finished early, I had to stay back in uni for group discussion till like 4 to 4.30p.m.. Since the medical treatment on Friday, the next day I was sick till now.. haih.. am having sore throat, fever and flu plus my stomach is so painful yesterday.. i have been eating porridge for a week now.. Every time i see solid food, i feel like vomiting.

On the 4th week, life getting more hectic.. I was weak and sick, but I still attended classes and group discussion. Besides that, on Thursday when I went to see my marketing lecturer, there was something we need to change before the Friday presentation. Therefore, I called for an emergency group discussion but most of them couldn't attend. So I went to meet Cheryl my other group member to discussed with her since am doing the power point and she was doing the report. So I smsed all the others to email me their ideas while Cheryl and I discussed in 1 Utama, Starbucks. And besides that, nobody wanted to do presentation, so we got Kelly to present, but since there was a lot to present, I wanted another person to help her out, but nobody wanted to present, so I had to present. So I was so tired after the marketing management classes, and that day everything was going well for me.. When I finally came back at 5.30 pm, my head was in a severe pain, with fever and bad sore throat, but I had to go for prayers that night.

Yesterday, things were getting worst for me.. Am not writing what happened here, cos I don't want anyone to know about it.. but it was a very bad week to end it.. I didn't want to go anywhere yesterday and even today.. Let's hope everything goes back to normal for me now..

Am so tempting to just forget about my degree in KL and just go back to Penang to be with my family members, and go back there to finish my degree.. Now, I understand why people telling me that staying with your family is a luxury.. although sometimes they nagged and so on, but when things happen, you really want your parents to be around to help you out.

That's it for now.. Am cooking porridge while typing this post...

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