Monday, August 27, 2007

My Best Friend- Shari-Ann

4 days back, Phei Shan left to UK to continue her studies, and today, Monday, Shari-Ann my other best friend when back to Russia to continue her 3rd year there. She came back for holidays on the 29 of June 2007. We did spend quite a lot of time together when she came back for holidays. It was fun and we had so much stuff to catch up. The time I spend with her during this holidays was great.. I haven't had a chance to really talk to her since her last holidays last year. Chatting online is different then talking face to face.. The first time I met her when she came back was on my birthday.. Hehe.. After that, we went to Penang Swimming Club with her mum for lunch too.. We also went out twice to Queensbay.. She also hang out in my house. Besides, we also went out with Phei Shan for dinner before Phei Shan left to UK.. We did not get to spend more time together as Shari was busy.. She was working for 2 weeks and then she went to KL for 1 week before leaving to Thailand for another 2 weeks..

Today, I could not send her off, because I did not have transport to the airport and my back still hurts, and also because she was really busy doing her stuff before leaving today. Luckily, I got to meet her 2 days before she left.. Went I reached Penang on Friday by bus, Shari kindly offered to fetch me back home.. So in the car, we talk face to face for the last time till we meet again next year. However, before I left to KL for a day as I had to go and see a Chinese Doctor, I went out with her to Queensbay.. We went to Sakae Sushi and then to Swensens to eat.. we spend almost 6 hours there.. eating, talking and do abit of shopping.. LOL

Anyways, in this post, I will blog about her.. Since 3 years back when she first left Penang, I did not blog about it..

The lastest picture of Shari-Ann when we were in Swensens

Shari-Ann is in the Middle


I know her since primary school where I also know Phei Shan.. The difference is that Shari-Ann was not in the same class like me during primary school and also in Secondary School. We do mixed around even though we were from different class because as you all know that I was from a private school which is not that big compared to government school. On the other hand, Phei Shan, she was in the same class like me in primary school. But those who know me very well will tell you that I was very quiet during my primary school days. Although we mix around, I was not very close to both of them.. However, I know both Shari and Phei Shan for more than 12 years, and it will continue..

SO?? Wanna know how we became best friend?? If you DONT, TOO BAD FOR YOU?? AM STILL GOING TO TELL?? SINCE THIS IS MY BLOG.. GO AWAY IF YOU DONT?? "laugh out loud"

When I was in form 1 and form 2, Shari and Phei Shan was not in my class.. Both of them were in another class. Anyways, I was still a quiet one during my first 2 years in Sri Inai Secondary School. In form 3, I went to a new private school and Shari also went to that school.. The new school was small and there were only 4 of us in Form 3.. Therefore, since I know Shari for so many years as we were both from the same school, we got along well and help each other.. Since our form was so small, the 4 of us got along very well which includes Jonathan Ho and Sarah Lee. For the first 6 months, it was fun and nice.. but after that, things went from bad to worst.. And we had a lot of bad experiences that we encountered. Therefore, four of us help each other out no matter how it was.. Supporting each other, helping each other and so on.. Since it was also our PMR year too.. Anyways, to cut the story short, because of all this, Shari and I became very close to each other.. Not forgetting the other 2 of my new friends of course..

Due to the incidents happening in the new school, both our parents decided to pull us out from that school and we both went back to Sri Inai.. Jonathan also left the school. Sarah was still there.. Anyways, after we went back to Sri Inai, we were in different classes again, BUT I was closer to her then my classmates.. I was in the different class because she wanted to be in a science stream and I wanted to be in the art stream.. Nevertheless , we were still very close.. very time during recess and lunch, we always eat together and I will then go to her class and talk till class starts.. Haha.. Besides i took Add maths so I had to join her class during Add maths lessons.. Phei Shan was also in the same class like Shari (both in Science streams).. Haha.. is obvious you guys will know that, since both of them is taking medicine course.. haha.. So because I hang out so much with them, we began to become very close friend.. Both of them as been supporting and helping me a lot.. We spend so much time together during recess and lunch that my headmaster remembered us.. Haha.. He once said to us " it seems like both of you are always together" hahaha..

HAHA!!! Shari, while blogging about this, Am thinking whether is it good that we went to that school and encountered all the troubles.. because if we didn't, I wonder whether we were still be so close .. Hahaha...

Is because of this and many other stories, we became best friends.. Shari-Ann!!! Thank you for always being there for me.. Both you and Phei Shan as been really kind and helpful..

Haha.. Shari, I guess our friendship is becoming stronger.. Even a bad misunderstanding cannot separate us.. Haha.. Am glad that our friendship will continue no matter what.


Hi my dear friend, it has been 3 years since you left Penang to study abroad, but I still miss you when your leaving. However, time passes very fast and before we know it, you will be back again for your holidays and this time Phei Shan will also be back.. YAHOO.. am looking foward to it!!! Even though your far from me, but now technology is so advance, you can always contact me anytime. When life is getting tough or when your happy, am always there for you.. listening to you and supporting you.. Remember!!!Never Give Up no matter what. I wish you all the best and have a safe journey back..


UPDATE YOUR BLOG when YOUR FREE!!! "evil laughter"


unolah said...

wah!!! so long your post! i wonder how shan is in liverpool. oh n keep an eye on ling for me too k? when ever u have the time call her up la. i still care for her coz she's also our friend right? but we didn't get a chance to talk much this holiday. anyway i updated my blog d. u go n read la! ahaha.. all for now! take care

Christine said...

unolah- Haha.. Arent you happy to read such a long post about you.. No worries, I always called ling up when am free. Shan sms me that she arrived safely already and she asked for your hp number. I gave it to her de. Haha.. And i read your blog de. LOL